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24-34-605. Relief authorized


In addition to the relief authorized by section 24-34-306 (9), the commission may order a respondent who has been found to have engaged in a discriminatory practice as defined in this part 6 to rehire, reinstate, and provide back pay to any employee or agent discriminated against because of his obedience to this part 6; to make reports as to the manner of compliance with the order of the commission; and to take affirmative action, including the posting of notices setting forth the substantive rights of the public under this part 6.


Source: L. 79: Entire part R&RE, p. 938, 3, effective July 1.


Part 7. Discriminatory Advertising

24-34-701. Publishing of discriminative matter forbidden

24-34-702. Presumptive evidence

24-34-703. Places of public accommodation - definition

24-34-704. Exceptions

24-34-705. Penalty

24-34-706. Time limits on filing of charges

24-34-707. Relief authorized