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24-34-603. Jurisdiction of county court - trial.


The county court in the county where the offense is committed shall have jurisdiction in all civil actions brought under this part 6 to recover damages to the extent of the jurisdiction of the county court to recover a money demand in other actions. Either party shall have the right to have the cause tried by jury and to appeal from the judgment of the court in the same manner as in other civil suits.


Source: L. 79: Entire part R&RE, p. 938, 3, effective July 1.



Jurisdiction conferred on county courts by this section is concurrent to jurisdiction of district courts. Section does not preclude jurisdiction in district courts to hear claims of any kind under part 6. Arnold v. Anton Coop. Assn, 293 P.3d 99 (Colo. App. 2011).

Applied in Continental Title Co. v. District Court, 645 P.2d 1310 (Colo. 1982).