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18-1.3-409. Concurrent or consecutive sentences - court to clarify sentencing in mittimus


Before remitting any mittimus to the department of corrections sentencing a defendant to the custody of the department, a court shall confirm that the mittimus properly reflects the sentencing order of the court and includes all necessary information regarding the sentence and any information as to whether a sentence is to be served concurrent with, or consecutive to, the sentence for any other count or any other case.


Source: L. 2013: Entire section added, (HB 13-1323), ch. 325, p. 1817, 2, effective May 28.


Part 5. Misdemeanor and Petty Offense Sentencing

18-1.3-501. Misdemeanors classified - drug misdemeanors and drug petty offenses classified - penalties - legislative intent - definitions

18-1.3-502. Duration of sentences for misdemeanors

18-1.3-503. Petty offenses classified - penalties

18-1.3-504. Misdemeanors and petty offenses not classified

18-1.3-505. Penalty for misdemeanor not fixed by statute - punishment

18-1.3-506. Payment and collection of fines for class 1, 2, or 3 misdemeanors and class 1 or 2 petty offenses - release from incarceration

18-1.3-507. Community or useful public service - misdemeanors

18-1.3-507.5. Useful public service cash fund created

18-1.3-508. Definite sentence not void

18-1.3-509. Credit for time served on misdemeanor sentences