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14-7-105. Recovery for child support debt. (Repealed)


Source: L. 79: Entire section added, p. 638, 3, effective June 7. L. 81: Entire section repealed, p. 910, 4, effective June 8.




Editor's note: (1) This article was numbered as article 1 of chapter 46, C.R.S. 1963. The provisions of this article were repealed and reenacted in 1971, resulting in the addition, relocation, and elimination of sections as well as subject matter. For amendments to this article prior to 1971, consult the Colorado statutory research explanatory note beginning on page vii in the front of this volume.

(2) For the legality of common-law marriages in this state, see Graham v. Graham, 130 Colo. 225, 274 P.2d 605 (1954).


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14-10-101. Short title.

14-10-102. Purposes - rules of construction.

14-10-103. Definitions and interpretation of terms.

14-10-104. Uniformity of application and construction.

14-10-104.5. Legislative declaration.

14-10-105. Application of Colorado rules of civil procedure.

14-10-106. Dissolution of marriage - legal separation.

14-10-106.5. Dissolution of civil unions - legal separation - jurisdiction - applicability of article and case law.

14-10-107. Commencement - pleadings - abolition of existing defenses - automatic, temporary injunction - enforcement.

14-10-107.5. Entry of appearance and notice of withdrawal by delegate child support enforcement unit.

14-10-107.7. Required notice of involvement with state department of human services.

14-10-107.8. Required notice of prior restraining, civil protection, or emergency protection orders to prevent domestic abuse - petitions for dissolution of marriage or legal separation.

14-10-108. Temporary orders in a dissolution case.

14-10-109. Enforcement of protection orders.

14-10-110. Irretrievable breakdown.

14-10-111. Declaration of invalidity.

14-10-112. Separation agreement.

14-10-113. Disposition of property - definitions.

14-10-114. Spousal maintenance - advisory guidelines - legislative declaration - definitions.

14-10-115. Child support guidelines - purpose - determination of income - schedule of basic child support obligations - adjustments to basic child support - additional guidelines - child support commission - definitions.

14-10-116. Appointment in domestic relations cases - representation of the best interests of the child - legal representative of the child - disclosure - short title.

14-10-116.5. Appointment in domestic relations cases - child and family investigator - disclosure - background check.

14-10-117. Payment of maintenance or child support.

14-10-118. Enforcement of orders.

14-10-119. Attorney's fees.

14-10-120. Decree.

14-10-120.2. Ex-parte request for restoration of prior name of party.

14-10-120.3. Dissolution of marriage or legal separation upon affidavit - requirements.

14-10-120.5. Petition - fee - assessment - displaced homemakers fund.

14-10-121. Independence of provisions of decree or temporary order.

14-10-122. Modification and termination of provisions for maintenance, support, and property disposition - automatic lien - definitions.

14-10-123. Commencement of proceedings concerning allocation of parental responsibilities - jurisdiction - automatic temporary injunction - enforcement - definitions.

14-10-123.3. Requests for parental responsibility for a child by grandparents.

14-10-123.4. Rights of children in matters relating to parental responsibilities.

14-10-123.5. Joint custody. (Repealed)

14-10-123.6. Required notice of prior restraining orders to prevent domestic abuse - proceedings concerning parental responsibilities relating to a child - resources for family services.

14-10-123.7. Parental education - legislative declaration.

14-10-123.8. Access to records.

14-10-124. Best interests of the child.

14-10-124.3. Stay of proceedings - criminal charges of allegations of sexual assault. (Repealed)

14-10-124.4. Family time for grandparents or great-grandparents - legislative declaration - definitions.

14-10-124.5. Disputes concerning grandparent or great-grandparent family time.

14-10-125. Temporary orders.

14-10-126. Interviews.

14-10-127. Evaluation and reports - training and qualifications of evaluators - disclosure.

14-10-127.5. Domestic violence training for court personnel - expert testimony - child placement decisions - legislative declaration - definitions.

14-10-128. Hearings.

14-10-128.1. Appointment of parenting coordinator - disclosure.

14-10-128.3. Appointment of decision-maker - disclosure.

14-10-128.5. Appointment of arbitrator - de novo hearing of award.

14-10-129. Modification of parenting time.

14-10-129.5. Disputes concerning parenting time.

14-10-130. Judicial supervision.

14-10-131. Modification of custody or decision-making responsibility.

14-10-131.3. Modification of the allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time based upon military service - legislative declaration - definitions. (Repealed)

14-10-131.5. Joint custody modification - termination. (Repealed)

14-10-131.7. Designation of custody for the purpose of other state and federal statutes.

14-10-131.8. Construction of 1999 revisions.

14-10-132. Affidavit practice.

14-10-133. Effective date - applicability.