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13-20-102. Effect of repeal


The repeal of part 3 of this article concerning informed consent to medical procedures shall not have the effect of invalidating any previous judicial decision relating to requirements for informed consent or liability imposed for the lack thereof.


Source: L. 77: Entire section added, p. 799, 2, effective May 27.


Part 2. Actions Abolished - Marital

13-20-201. Legislative declaration

13-20-202. Civil causes abolished

13-20-203. Breach of contract to marry not actionable

13-20-204. Certain contracts made in settlement of claims void

13-20-205. Unlawful to file pleading

13-20-206. Unlawful to name corespondent

13-20-207. Corespondent not to be disclosed - cross-examination - effect

13-20-208. Penalty for violations