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13-20-1003. Definitions


As used in this part 10, unless the context otherwise requires:


(1) (a) Alternative forum means a functioning governmental division with judicial powers that may provide redress for a claim, without regard to whether the redress provided is equivalent to the redress provided under Colorado law, and that may exercise jurisdiction over the parties.

(b) An alternative forum shall still be an alternative forum if the statute of limitations for that forum has expired.

(2) Discovery means the procedures described in chapter 4 of the Colorado rules of civil procedure.

(3) Resident means a resident of the state of Colorado or a person who intends to return to Colorado despite establishing temporary residency elsewhere or despite a temporary absence from Colorado, without regard to the persons country of citizenship or national origin. Resident does not mean a person who adopts a residence in Colorado in whole or in part to avoid the application of this part 10.


Source: L. 2004: Entire part added, p. 402, 1, effective August 4.