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13-17.5-108. Teleconferenced hearings


The department of law, the department of corrections, and the state judicial department shall cooperate to determine the cost of and actively pursue federal funding and contributions from any public or private entity for the purpose of developing, implementing, and maintaining a teleconferencing system for conducting proceedings in connection with state or federal civil actions filed by an inmate against a public defendant. On or before December 1, 1996, the state judicial department shall inform the judiciary committees of the general assembly of the progress made in pursuing funds for the development of the system. On or before March 1, 1996, the state judicial department shall submit a detailed plan to implement the use of a teleconferencing system for all proceedings in which an inmate is a witness or a party.


Source: L. 95: Entire article added, p. 480, 1, effective July 1.


Regulation of Actions and Proceedings

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Article 20. Actions

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