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38-29-209. Fees - disposition.

Statute text

(1) In all instances in which a document is to be filed and recorded pursuant to this part 2, the authorized agent or clerk and recorder, as the case may be, shall be paid such fees for each document so filed and recorded as are prescribed by law for the filing of like instruments in the office of the county clerk and recorder.

(2) The recording fees authorized by this section are in addition to any fees that are required pursuant to section 38-29-138.

(3) All fees paid pursuant to this section shall be kept and retained by the authorized agent or the clerk and recorder to defray the cost thereof and shall be disposed of by him or her as provided by law.


Source: L. 2008: Entire part added, p. 452, 9, effective July 1.


Interests in Land



Cross references: For right of an alien to take real property as an heir, see 15-11-111; for provisions regarding subdivisions, see part 5 of article 10 of title 12; for unlawful activity concerning the sale of land, see 18-5-302; for powers of appointment affecting realty, see article 2.5 of title 15; for power of attorney affecting realty, see part 5 of article 14 of title 15; for the effect of corporate resolutions or minutes and the recordation of corporate resolutions or minutes insofar as those documents pertain to real estate, see 13-25-120; for the effect and authenticity of reports of death by United States authorities as they may affect real estate, see 13-25-121.



38-30-101. Parties entitled to hold lands may convey.

38-30-102. Water rights conveyed as real estate - well permit transfers - legislative declaration - definitions.

38-30-103. Livery of seisin, not necessary.

38-30-104. Vendor's after-acquired title deemed in trust for vendee.

38-30-104.5. Grantor's interest in vacated right-of-way deemed included.

38-30-105. Lands not in possession may be conveyed.

38-30-106. Tenant in fee tail takes in fee simple.

38-30-107. Estate granted deemed fee simple unless limited.

38-30-107.5. Royalty interests - minerals or geothermal resources.

38-30-108. Conveyances to grantee in a representative capacity.

38-30-108.5. Conveyances to trusts - ownership and transfer of property.

38-30-109. Existing conveyances not notice of beneficiary unless statement filed in five years. (Repealed)

38-30-110. Rule against perpetuities inapplicable to cemetery trusts.

38-30-111. Rule against perpetuities inapplicable to employees' pension trusts.

38-30-112. Rule against perpetuities inapplicable to existing trusts.

38-30-113. Deeds - short form - acknowledgment - effect.

38-30-113.5. Beneficiary deeds.

38-30-114. Validation of acknowledgments.

38-30-115. Deeds - bargain and sale - special warranty. (Repealed)

38-30-116. Deeds - quitclaim. (Repealed)

38-30-116.5. Preparation of deeds - definition.

38-30-117. Mortgages - short form - acknowledgment - effect.

38-30-118. Seal not necessary.

38-30-119. Posthumous children take as others.

38-30-120. Conveyance carries right of possession.

38-30-121. What covenants run with the land.

38-30-122. No action against warrantor without notice and refusal to defend.

38-30-123. Powers of attorney must be recorded.

38-30-124. Powers of attorney, how acknowledged and proved.

38-30-125. Scroll sufficient.

38-30-126. Acknowledgments, before whom taken.

38-30-127. Acknowledgments taken pursuant to other laws.

38-30-128. Prima facie validity of prior foreign acknowledgments.

38-30-129. Clerk of U. S. courts may take acknowledgments.

38-30-130. Governor may appoint commissioners of deeds.

38-30-131. Oath of commissioner of deeds.

38-30-132. Effect of commissioner's acknowledgment.

38-30-133. Commissioner has power to administer oath.

38-30-134. Fees of commissioners.

38-30-135. Officer shall subscribe certificate.

38-30-136. Subsequent proof of execution - proof or acknowledgment of copy.

38-30-137. Recording of leases based on crop rentals.

38-30-138. Filing and recording fee.

38-30-139. Photographic copies deemed recording. (Repealed)

38-30-140. Foreign deeds - translation - proof - not recorded without.

38-30-141. Conveyance by county or municipality.

38-30-142. Prior deeds and conveyances by commissioners validated.

38-30-143. Prior deeds and conveyances by council validated.

38-30-144. Conveyance by corporation.

38-30-145. Conveyance by sheriff.

38-30-146. Fraternal society may hold and convey real estate.

38-30-147. Presiding officer may bring suit to protect property.

38-30-148. Joint property of fraternal society.

38-30-149. Change of presiding officer not to affect suit.

38-30-150. Definitions.

38-30-151. Division of county - transcript of records - certificate.

38-30-152. Not applicable to wills.

38-30-153. Recording wills and decrees affecting lands - descents.

38-30-154. Clerk shall furnish certified copies.

38-30-155. Certified copy of record shall be evidence of title.

38-30-156. Fees for county clerk and recorder.

38-30-157. Same use prohibition or restriction repeated in subsequent instruments taking effect on or after January 1, 1966 - exception.

38-30-158. Record notice required for same use prohibition or restriction repeated in subsequent instruments taking effect prior to January 1, 1966 - exception - affidavit as to ownership and possession.

38-30-159. Who may record notice of intention to claim possibility of reverter or right of entry.

38-30-160. Contents of notice - recording, indexing - effect.

38-30-161. Use prohibition or restriction affecting less or more real property - more or fewer use prohibitions or restrictions.

38-30-162. Interests and instruments to which sections 38-30-157 to 38-30-164 do not apply.

38-30-163. Other statutes and laws remain applicable.

38-30-164. Sections to be liberally construed.

38-30-165. Unreasonable restraints on the alienation of property - prohibited practices.

38-30-166. Joint ventures - ownership and transfer of property.

38-30-167. Right of purchaser to obtain partial specific performance.

38-30-168. Unreasonable restrictions on renewable energy generation devices - definitions.

38-30-169. Instruments of conveyance - removal of void and unenforceable restrictive covenants which are based upon race or religion.

38-30-170. Private restrictive covenants - modification - exception - procedures.

38-30-171. Survival of remedies and title to corporate property after dissolution.

38-30-172. Evidence of existence and authority - definitions.

38-30-173. Survival of remedies and title to corporate property after dissolution - nonprofit corporations.