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32-1-102. Legislative declaration.

Statute text

(1) The general assembly hereby declares that the organization of special districts providing the services and having the purposes, powers, and authority provided in this article will serve a public use and will promote the health, safety, prosperity, security, and general welfare of the inhabitants of such districts and of the people of the state of Colorado.

(2) The general assembly further declares that the procedures contained in part 2 of this article are necessary for the coordinated and orderly creation of special districts and for the logical extension of special district services throughout the state. It is the purpose of part 2 of this article to prevent unnecessary proliferation and fragmentation of local government and to avoid excessive diffusion of local tax sources.

(3) The general assembly further declares that the purpose of part 5 of this article is to facilitate the elimination of the overlapping of services provided by local governments and the double taxation which may occur because of annexation or otherwise when all or part of the taxable property of an area lies within the boundaries of both a municipality and a special district.

(4) The general assembly further declares that it is the policy of this state to provide for and encourage the consolidation of special districts and to provide the means therefor by simple procedures in order to prevent or reduce duplication, overlapping, and fragmentation of the functions and facilities of special districts; that such consolidation will better serve the people of this state; and that consolidated districts will result in reduced costs and increased efficiency of operation.

(5) The general assembly further declares that the purpose of part 7 of this article is to facilitate dissolution of special districts in order to reduce the proliferation, fragmentation, and overlapping of local governments and to encourage assumption of services by other governmental entities.


Source: L. 81: Entire article R&RE, p. 1542, 1, effective July 1.


Editor's note: The provisions of this section are similar to provisions of several former sections as they existed prior to 1981. For a detailed comparison, see the comparative tables located in the back of the index.





Applied in Groditsky v. Pinckney, 661 P.2d 279 (Colo. 1983).