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25-44-102. Comprehensive human sexuality education grant program - creation - notification to schools - report - rules.


(1) There is created in the department the comprehensive human sexuality education grant program. The purpose of the program is to provide money to public schools and school districts for use in the creation and implementation of comprehensive human sexuality education pursuant to section 22-1-128.

(2) Upon receipt of federal money or other appropriations, the department, in conjunction with the oversight entity, shall notify the school districts, the state charter school institute, and boards of cooperative services throughout the state of grants available through the program.

(3) Based on the recommendations of the oversight entity, the department shall award grants to public schools and school districts for periods of one to three years.

(4) Money distributed to public schools and school districts through the program must only be used for the provision of human sexuality instruction that complies with the content requirements for comprehensive human sexuality education set forth in section 22-1-128 and developed pursuant to section 22-25-104 (3).

(5) On or before December 1, 2019, or not more than ninety days after the department receives sufficient money to implement the program, whichever is later, the state board shall promulgate rules, if necessary, for the administration of this article 44, using the recommendations developed by the oversight entity pursuant to section 25-44-103 (2)(b).


(6) (a) On or before January 30, 2021, and every year thereafter in which grants have been awarded pursuant to this article 44, the department shall submit a report concerning the outcomes of the program to the state board of education, the department of education, and the education committees of the senate and house of representatives, the health and human services committee of the senate, and the public health care and human services committee of the house of representatives, or any successor committees. The report must include, at a minimum:

(I) The number of public schools and school districts that received a grant under the program;

(II) The number of students reached and the instruction utilized;

(III) The amount of each grant awarded;

(IV) The average amount of all grants awarded; and

(V) An analysis by the department of the impact of funding.

(b) Notwithstanding the provisions of section 24-1-136 (11)(a)(I), the report required in this subsection (6) continues indefinitely.

(7) Notwithstanding any other provision of this article 44, the department is not required to implement the provisions of this article 44 until sufficient money has been received or appropriated.

(8) (Deleted by amendment, L. 2019.)


Source: L. 2013: Entire article added,(HB 13-1081), ch. 303, p. 1608, 3, effective May 28. L. 2017: (6) amended,(SB 17-056), ch. 33, p. 96, 13, effective March 16. L. 2019: Entire section amended,(HB 19-1032), ch. 408, p. 3599, 4, effective May 31.


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For the legislative declaration in HB 19-1032, see section 1 of chapter 408, Session Laws of Colorado 2019.