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25-4-102. Sanitary regulations.

Statute text

The floors, sidewalls, ceilings, furniture, receptacles, utensils, dishes, implements, and machinery of every restaurant, hotel kitchen, and establishment or place where such food intended for sale is produced, prepared, manufactured, packed, stored, sold, or distributed and all cars, trucks, and vehicles used in the transportation of such food products shall at no time be kept or permitted to remain in an unclean, unhealthful, or unsanitary condition. For the purpose of this part 1, unclean, unhealthful, and unsanitary conditions shall be deemed to exist if food in the process of production, preparation, manufacture, packing, storage, sale, distribution, or transportation is not securely protected from flies, dust, dirt, and all other foreign or injurious contamination, as far as may be necessary by all reasonable means; or if the refuse, dirt, or waste products incident to the manufacture, preparation, packing, selling, distributing, or transportation of such food are not removed daily; or if all trucks, trays, boxes, buckets, or other receptacles or the chutes, platforms, racks, tables, shelves, and knives, saws, cleavers, or other utensils, or the machinery used in moving, handling, cutting, chopping, mixing, canning, or other processes are not thoroughly cleaned daily; or if the clothing of operatives, employees, clerks, or other persons therein employed is unclean; or if all dishes, cups, glasses, knives, forks, and spoons are not thoroughly washed in hot or running water and rinsed after each usage; or if dishes, cups, or glasses are used which are so cracked, chipped, or broken as to be detrimental to health; or if all ice-cream cones and straws are not securely covered.


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