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25-4-101. Premises sanitation - food defined.

Statute text

Every building, room, basement, enclosure, or premises occupied, used, or maintained as a bakery, confectionery, cannery, packing house, slaughterhouse, creamery, cheese factory, restaurant, hotel, grocery, meat market factory, shop, or warehouse, or any public place or manufacturing place used for the preparation, manufacture, packing, storage, sale, or distribution of any food, as defined in this section, which is intended for sale shall be properly and adequately lighted, drained, plumbed, and ventilated and shall be conducted with strict regard to the influence of such conditions upon the health of operatives, employees, clerks, or other persons therein employed and the purity and wholesomeness of the food therein produced, prepared, manufactured, packed, stored, sold, or distributed. For the purposes of this part 1, "food" includes all articles used for food, drink, confectionery, or condiment, whether simple, mixed, or compound, and all substances or ingredients used in the preparation thereof.


Source: L. 13: p. 510, 1. C.L. 1015. CSA: C. 69, 21. CRS 53: 66-13-1. C.R.S. 1963: 66-13-1.


Cross references: For safety inspections, see articles 1 and 4 of title 9; for the "Custom Processing of Meat Animals Act", see article 33 of title 35.





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