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25-1.5-109. Food allergies and anaphylaxis form for schools - powers and duties of department.

Statute text

The department has, in addition to all other powers and duties imposed upon it by law, the duty to develop, maintain, and make available to school districts and institute charter schools a standard form to be used by school districts and institute charter schools to gather information from physicians and parents and guardians of students concerning students' risks of food allergies and anaphylaxis and the treatment thereof. The standard form shall include, at a minimum, fields for gathering the information described in section 22-2-135 (3)(b), C.R.S.


Source: L. 2009: Entire section added with relocations, (SB 09-226), ch. 245, p. 1106, 6, effective August 5.


Cross references: For the legislative declaration contained in the 2009 act adding this section, see section 1 of chapter 245, Session Laws of Colorado 2009.