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24-34-401. Definitions.


As used in this part 4, unless otherwise defined in section 24-34-301 or unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Apprenticeship means any program for the training of apprentices.

(2) Employee means any person employed by an employer, except a person in the domestic service of any person.

(3) Employer means the state of Colorado or any political subdivision, commission, department, institution, or school district thereof, and every other person employing persons within the state; but it does not mean religious organizations or associations, except such organizations or associations supported in whole or in part by money raised by taxation or public borrowing.

(4) Employment agency means any person undertaking to procure employees or opportunities to work for any other person or holding itself out to be equipped to do so.

(5) Joint apprenticeship committee means any association of representatives of a labor organization and an employer providing, coordinating, or controlling an apprentice training program.

(6) Labor organization means any organization which exists for the purpose in whole or in part of collective bargaining, or of dealing with employers concerning grievances, terms, or conditions of employment, or of other mutual aid or protection in connection with employment.

(7) On-the-job training means any program designed to instruct a person who, while learning the particular job for which he is receiving instruction, is also employed at that job or who may be employed by the employer conducting the program during the course of the program or when the program is completed.

(7.5) Repealed.

(8) Unfair employment practice means those practices specified as discriminatory or unfair in sections 24-34-402 and 24-34-402.3.

(9) Vocational school means any school or institution conducting a course of instruction, training, or retraining to prepare individuals to follow an occupation or trade or to pursue a manual, mechanical, technical, industrial, business, commercial, office, personal service, or other nonprofessional occupation.


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Cross references:

(1) For additional definitions applicable to this part 4, see 24-34-301.

(2) For the legislative declaration in HB 16-1438, see section 1 of chapter 207, Session Laws of Colorado 2016.


Definition of employer includes the board of regents of the university of Colorado. Civil Rights Commn v. Univ. of Colo., 759 P.2d 726 (Colo. 1988).