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24-34-309. Public education - service and assistance animals - form used in housing.

Statute text

(1) The division is authorized to educate the public about the definitions of assistance and service animals, as those terms are defined in sections 18-13-107.3 and 18-13-107.7, and the rights that accompany people with disabilities who use those animals. The division may:

(a) Use its website to include information on how a person with a disability can complain about discrimination encountered in places of public accommodation and housing;

(b) Create and publicize public service announcements about the definitions of assistance and service animals and links to the division's website;

(c) Create and publicize uniform signage for all places of public accommodation to display to inform the public of the rules surrounding service and assistance animals;

(d) Create and publicize one or more forms that landlords, qualified individuals with a disability, and health care providers may use in making a determination contemplated by section 12-240-144, 12-245-229, or 12-255-133; and

(e) Establish an education program for law enforcement officers in Colorado about service and assistance animals and how to provide effective communication to people with disabilities when making inquiries under applicable law.

(2) If a landlord requires a tenant to provide documentation in connection with the tenant's assistance animal, as that term is defined in section 18-13-107.3, C.R.S., the landlord shall provide the tenant with the form specified in paragraph (d) of subsection (1) of this section if the division has posted the form on its website. The tenant need not use the form.


Source: L. 2016: Entire section added, (HB 16-1426), ch. 309, p. 1249, 6, effective January 1, 2017. L. 2019: IP(1) and (1)(d) amended, (HB 19-1172), ch. 136, p. 1692, 131, effective October 1.


Editor's note: Section 7(2) of chapter 309 (HB 16-1426), Session Laws of Colorado 2016, provides that the act adding this section applies to conduct occurring on or after January 1, 2017.


Cross references: For the legislative declaration in HB 16-1426, see section 1 of chapter 309, Session Laws of Colorado 2016.



Editor's note: (1) This part 4 was numbered as article 7 of chapter 69, C.R.S. 1963. Parts 3 to 8 of this article were repealed and reenacted in 1979, resulting in the addition, relocation, and elimination of sections as well as subject matter. For amendments to this part 4 prior to 1979, consult the Colorado statutory research explanatory note and the table itemizing the replacement volumes and supplements to the original volume of C.R.S. 1973 beginning on page vii in the front of this volume.

(2) The former provisions of this part 4 were relocated to part 5 of this article in 1979.


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