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24-33.5-514. Evidence-based practices implementation for capacity program - EPIC fund - creation.

Statute text

(1) There is hereby created the evidence-based practices implementation for capacity resource center in the division, referred to in this section as the "center". The intent of the center is to assist agencies serving juvenile and adult populations to develop and sustain effective implementation frameworks to support the use of evidence-based practices. The center is a collaborative effort to increase the efficacy of individuals who work with various offender and victim populations by establishing an educational, skill-building, and consultation resource center to support practitioners in the implementation of evidence-based practices.

(2) Repealed.

(3) (a) The division is authorized to seek and accept gifts, grants, or donations from private or public sources for the purposes of this section; except that the division may not accept a gift, grant, or donation that is subject to conditions that are inconsistent with this section or any other law of the state. The division shall transmit all private and public moneys received through gifts, grants, or donations to the state treasurer, who shall credit the same to the EPIC fund, which fund is hereby created and referred to in this section as the "fund". The moneys in the fund are subject to annual appropriation by the general assembly to the division for the direct and indirect costs associated with implementing this section.

(b) The general assembly finds that the implementation of this section does not rely entirely or in any part on the receipt of adequate funding through gifts, grants, or donations. Therefore, the division is not subject to the notice requirements specified in section 24-75-1303 (3).

(4) By July 1, 2014, and July 1 every three years thereafter, the division shall provide a report to the members of the general assembly regarding the status of the center.


Source: L. 2013: Entire section added, (HB 13-1129), ch. 197, p. 801, 2, effective October 1. L. 2019: (1) amended, (HB 19-1331), ch. 258, p. 2468, 1, effective August 2. L. 2023: (2) repealed and (4) amended, (SB 23-073), ch. 27, p. 93, 1, effective August 7.


Cross references: For the legislative declaration in the 2013 act adding this section, see section 1 of chapter 197, Session Laws of Colorado 2013.