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24-19-109. Enforcement of article - civil suit


If any governmental unit or government-financed entity makes any payment or enters into any agreement in violation of this article, the provisions of this article may be enforced through a civil suit filed in a court of competent jurisdiction.


Source: L. 96: Entire section added, p. 851, 5, effective May 23.


Article 19.5 .Alternative Forms of Payment to the State

24-19.5-101. Definitions

24-19.5-102. Acceptance of alternative forms of payment for the payment of moneys payable to the state - allocation of costs

24-19.5-103. Limitations on convenience fees for the use of alternative forms of payment

24-19.5-104. Master agreements - authority of state treasurer

24-19.5-105. Provider of alternative forms of payment required to make payment