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23-21-203. Center created - committee established.

Statute text

(1) There is hereby established the sickle-cell anemia treatment and research center within the university of Colorado school of medicine. Such treatment center shall use existing facilities and staff of the university of Colorado school of medicine and may establish programs for the care and treatment of persons suffering from sickle-cell anemia as they are needed. The treatment center shall assist those persons who require continuing treatment for sickle-cell anemia but who are unable to pay for the entire cost of such services on a continuing basis despite the existence of various types of hospital and medical insurance, medicare, medicaid, and other government assistance programs, and private charitable assistance.

(2) (a) The governor shall appoint a committee, to be known as the sickle-cell anemia advisory committee, to consult with the university of Colorado school of medicine in the administration of this part 2. The committee shall be composed of eleven members representing hospitals, voluntary agencies interested in sickle-cell anemia, medical specialists in sickle-cell anemia patient care, and the general public; but no group shall have more than four members on the committee. Each member of the committee shall hold office for a term of four years and until his successor is appointed and qualified; except that, of those members first appointed, two shall be appointed for one-year terms, three shall be appointed for two-year terms, three shall be appointed for three-year terms, and three shall be appointed for four-year terms. Any vacancy occurring on the committee shall be filled by appointment by the governor for the unexpired term. The committee shall meet at least annually and at such other times as the executive director of the department of public health and environment deems necessary. Members of the committee shall receive no compensation but shall be reimbursed for their actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties.

(b) Repealed.


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Cross references: For the legislative declaration contained in the 1994 act amending subsection (2)(a), see section 1 of chapter 345, Session Laws of Colorado 1994.