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22-4-101 to 22-4-105. (Repealed)


Source: L. 84: Entire article repealed, p. 582, 1, effective March 19.


Editor's note: This article was numbered as article 2 of chapter 123 in C.R.S. 1963. For amendments to this article prior to its repeal in 1984, consult the Colorado statutory research explanatory note and the table itemizing the replacement volumes and supplements to the original volume of C.R.S. 1973 beginning on page vii in the front of this volume.




22-5-101. Short title.

22-5-102. Legislative declaration.

22-5-103. Definitions.

22-5-104. Creation of board of cooperative services - meetings.

22-5-105. Organization of board of cooperative services - meetings.

22-5-105.5. Regional education and support services plan - submittal - recommendations. (Repealed)

22-5-106. Financing, budgeting, and accounting.

22-5-106.5. Short-term loans.

22-5-107. Duties of board of cooperative services.

22-5-108. Powers of board of cooperative services.

22-5-109. Matching power.

22-5-110. State and federal payments.

22-5-111. Buildings and facilities.

22-5-112. Veto power and dissolution.

22-5-113. Approval for postsecondary occupational programs.

22-5-114. Eligibility for funds.

22-5-114.5. Designation as local education agency - rules.

22-5-115. Financing boards of cooperative services.

22-5-116. Corporate status of boards of cooperative services.

22-5-117. Employment of teacher transferred from school district.

22-5-118. Implementation and financing of regional education and support services - plan - annual report.

22-5-119. Statewide supplemental online and blended learning program - legislative declaration - definitions.

22-5-120. School food authority operations - contracts for provision of food and beverages.

22-5-121. BOCES healthy food grant program - application process - fund - rules - repeal. (Repealed)

22-5-122. Assistance for implementing and meeting state educational priorities - financing.