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22-32-109.4. Colorado School Collective Bargaining Agreement Sunshine Act - board of education - specific duties


(1) This section shall be known and may be cited as the Colorado School Collective Bargaining Agreement Sunshine Act.

(2) Collective bargaining agreement means, for the purpose of this section, a master agreement, and any amendments, addendums, memorandums, or any other documents modifying the master agreement.

(3) In addition to any other duty required to be performed by law, each board of education shall cause, within thirty days following August 8, 2001, a true and correct copy of each collective bargaining agreement entered into by the board of education and in effect as of said date and all subsequent collective bargaining agreements entered into by the board of education, within thirty working days following the date of ratification of each agreement, to be:

(a) Posted on the website of the school district;

(b) Repealed.

(c) Made available for public inspection during regular business hours in a convenient and identified location at the main administrative office of the school district; and

(d) Filed with the board of trustees of the largest public library located within the school district.

(4) Any meeting of a board of education at which a collective bargaining agreement is discussed is open to the public and any notice required by section 24-6-402 (2)(c) must be given prior to the meeting; except that a board of education may hold an executive session in accordance with the requirements of section 24-6-402 (4)(e)(III) for the purpose of developing the strategy of the school district for negotiations relating to a collective bargaining agreement.


Source: L. 2001: Entire section added, p. 168, 1, effective August 8. L. 2010: IP(3) amended, (HB 10-1036), ch. 79, p. 269, 2, effective April 12. L. 2012: (3)(a) amended and (3)(b) repealed, (HB 12-1240), ch. 258, p. 1312, 15, effective June 4. Initiated 2014: (4) added, L. 2015, p. 2204, 2, effective upon proclamation of the governor, December 17, 2014. L. 2019: (4) amended, (HB 19-1201), ch. 98, p. 360, 2, effective September 1.


Editors note: The vote count on the measure at the general election held November 4, 2014, was as follows:

FOR: 1,364,747

AGAINST: 582,473


Law reviews. For article, Overview of General Liability, Workers Compensation, and Employment Law Issues in K-12 Educational Institutions, see 44 Colo. Law. 25 (Oct. 2015).