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22-20-119. Implementation of change of disability categories for children with disabilities


On or before November 1, 2011, the department shall develop guidelines and timelines to be used by administrative units and state-operated programs for developing local systems and infrastructure that incorporate the disability categories set forth in section 22-20-103 (5)(a). The guidelines shall address necessary revisions to model forms and local training needs, pursuant to section 2-2-802, C.R.S. The timelines shall encourage administrative units and state-operated programs to implement the disability categories and related eligibility criteria established in section 22-20-103 (5)(a) as soon as possible after the state board issues implementing rules, to be adopted on or before December 1, 2012. Administrative units and state-operated programs shall have until July 1, 2016, to implement any necessary changes without loss of special education funding or incurring any other penalties.


Source: L. 2011: Entire section added, (HB 11-1277), ch. 306, p. 1499, 22, effective August 10.