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22-1-106. Information as to honor and use of flag.

Statute text

(1) The commissioner of education shall provide the necessary instruction and information so that all teachers in the grade and high schools in the state of Colorado may teach the pupils therein the proper respect of the flag of the United States, to honor and properly salute the flag when passing in parade, and to properly use the flag in decorating and displaying.

(2) (Deleted by amendment, L. 2004, p. 166, 1, effective March 17, 2004.)

(3) Each school district shall provide an opportunity each school day for willing students to recite the pledge of allegiance in public elementary and secondary educational institutions. Any person not wishing to participate in the recitation of the pledge of allegiance shall be exempt from reciting the pledge of allegiance and need not participate.


Source: L. 23: p. 550, 1. CSA: C. 146, 294. CRS 53: 123-21-6. C.R.S. 1963: 123-21-6. L. 2003: Entire section amended, p. 2367, 1, effective August 6. L. 2004: Entire section amended, p. 166, 1, effective March 17.





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