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19-5-201. Who may be adopted.


Any child legally available for adoption as provided in section 19-5-203, under eighteen years of age, and either present in the state at the time the petition for adoption is filed or under the jurisdiction of a court in Colorado for at least six months may be adopted. Upon approval of the court, a person eighteen years of age or older and under twenty-one years of age may be adopted as a child, and all provisions of this part 2 referring to the adoption of a child shall apply to such a person.


Source: L. 87: Entire title R&RE, p. 805, 1, effective October 1. L. 2017: Entire section amended,(HB 17-1304), ch. 339, p. 1807, 1, effective July 1.


Editors note: This section was contained in a title that was repealed and reenacted in 1987. Provisions of this section, as it existed in 1987, are similar to those contained in 19-4-105 as said section existed in 1986, the year prior to the repeal and reenactment of this title.


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Trial court did not err in exercising jurisdiction in adoption proceeding where child had been in the state for the preceding 23 months and had been placed in the state with the parents permission. In re Adoption of K.L.L. ex rel. V.M.D., 160 P.3d 383 (Colo. App. 2007).