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18-1.3-502. Duration of sentences for misdemeanors.

Statute text

Courts sentencing a person for the commission of a misdemeanor to the custody of the executive director of the department of corrections shall not fix a minimum term but may fix a maximum term less than the maximum provided by law for the offense. A person so sentenced must be imprisoned, released under parole, and discharged as provided by other applicable statutes. A person sentenced to a correctional facility for the commission of a misdemeanor shall not be subjected to imprisonment for a term exceeding the maximum term provided by the statute fixing the maximum length of the sentence for the crime of which the person was convicted and for which the person was sentenced. A person sentenced to a term of imprisonment for the commission of a misdemeanor is entitled to the same time credits as if the person were sentenced to a term of imprisonment for the commission of a felony. A person committed as a juvenile delinquent shall not be imprisoned for a term exceeding two years, except as otherwise provided for aggravated juvenile offenders in section 19-2.5-1127.


Source: L. 2002: Entire article added with relocations, p. 1416, 2, effective October 1. L. 2021: Entire section amended, (SB 21-059), ch. 136, p. 721, 45, effective October 1.


Editor's note: This section is similar to former 16-11-302.5 as it existed prior to 2002.





Applied in Castro v. District Court, 656 P.2d 1283 (Colo. 1982) (decided prior to 2002 relocation of 16-11-302.5).