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18-11-201. Advocating overthrow of government.

Statute text

(1) Every person who, in this state, either orally or by writing, printing, exhibiting, or circulating written or printed words or pictures, or otherwise, shall advocate, teach, incite, propose, aid, abet, encourage, or advise resistance by physical force to, or the destruction or overthrow by physical force of, constituted government in general, or of the government or laws of the United States, or of this state, under circumstances constituting a clear and present danger that violent action will result therefrom, commits sedition.

(2) Sedition is a class 5 felony.


Source: L. 71: R&RE, p. 479, 1. C.R.S. 1963: 40-11-201. L. 89: (2) amended, p. 842, 98, effective July 1.