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15-18-111. Determination of suicide or homicide - effect of declaration on insurance.

Statute text

The withholding or withdrawal of life-sustaining procedures from a qualified patient pursuant to this article shall not, for any purpose, constitute a suicide or a homicide. The existence of a declaration shall not affect, impair, or modify any contract of life insurance or annuity or be the basis for any delay in issuing or refusing to issue an annuity or policy of life insurance or any increase of the premium therefor. No insurer or provider of health care shall require any person to execute a declaration as a condition of being insured for or receiving health-care services, nor shall the failure to execute a declaration be the basis for any increased or additional premium for a contract or policy for medical or health insurance.


Source: L. 2010: Entire article R&RE, (HB 10-1025), ch. 113, p. 381, 1, effective August 11.