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15-14-504. Legislative declaration - construction of statute.

Statute text

(1) The general assembly hereby finds, determines, and declares that:

(a) Colorado law recognizes the right of an adult to accept or reject medical treatment and artificial nourishment and hydration;

(b) Each adult has the right to establish, in advance of the need for medical treatment, any directives and instructions for the administration of medical treatment in the event the person lacks the decisional capacity to provide informed consent to or refusal of medical treatment; and

(c) The enactment of a "Colorado Patient Autonomy Act" is appropriate to affirm a patient's autonomy in accepting or rejecting medical treatment, which right includes the making of medical treatment decisions through an appointed agent under a medical durable power of attorney.

(2) The general assembly does not intend to encourage or discourage any particular medical treatment or to interfere with or affect any method of religious or spiritual healing otherwise permitted by law.

(3) The general assembly does not intend that this part 5 be construed to restrict any other manner in which a person may make advance medical directives.

(4) Nothing in this part 5 shall be construed as condoning, authorizing, or approving euthanasia or mercy killing. In addition, the general assembly does not intend that this part 5 be construed as permitting any affirmative or deliberate act to end a person's life, except to permit natural death as provided by this part 5.


Source: L. 92: Entire section added, p. 1979, 2, effective June 4.





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