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15-10-101. Short title


Articles 10 to 17 of this title shall be known and may be cited as the Colorado Probate Code and is referred to in said articles as this code or code.


Source: L. 73: R&RE, p. 1538, 1. C.R.S. 1963: 153-1-101.


Editors note: (1) Articles 10 to 17 of this title were numbered as articles 1 to 8 of chapter 153, C.R.S. 1963. The substantive provisions of these articles were repealed and reenacted in 1973, resulting in the addition, relocation, and elimination of sections as well as subject matter. For amendments to these articles prior to 1973, consult the Colorado statutory research explanatory note beginning on page vii in the front of this volume. For a detailed comparison of these articles, see the comparative tables located in the back of the index.

(2) Articles 10 to 17 of this title, the Colorado Probate Code, are an adaptation of the Uniform Probate Code with some additions, deletions, and changes. The comments appearing with the Uniform Probate Code located on the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws website would be helpful in understanding certain sections of this code.

Cross references: For dead mans statute, see 13-90-102; for investment of estate funds, see part 3 of article 1 of this title; for investment of veterans estate funds, see 28-5-301; for estate income tax, see 39-22-104; for rule against perpetuities nullified as to designated trust, see 38-30-110 to 38-30-114; for motor vehicle title by bequest or inheritance, see 42-6-114; for uniform veterans guardianship law, see part 2 of article 5 of title 28; for powers of appointment as affecting wills and estates, see article 2 of this title; for witnesses, see part 1 of article 90 of title 13; for the Colorado estate tax, see article 23.5 of title 39.

Law reviews: For article, The Revocable Living Trust Revisited, see 18 Colo. Law. 225 ; for article, Twenty-Six Reasons for Caution in Using Revocable Trusts, see 21 Colo. Law. 1131 (1992).


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Applied in Bohl v. Haney, 671 P.2d 991 (Colo. App. 1983).